A heart from Verona

I grew up on a farm in a town called Oppeano on the outskirts of Verona. I spent all my youth working on the fields with my dad, two brothers and little sister. We used to cook all our own produce. I loved seeing the seeds that my dad threw on the ground turn into the beautifully prepared meals my mum cooked for us at the end of the day. My food journey started on these fields and I still go back when I can to help my dad.

I guess it was inevitable that I chose to study at an Italian cooking school between the ages of 14 -19 but this only made me eager to learn much more. I went on to study food science at the University of Milan where I worked really hard and achieved a first class honours degree. Since then I have taught cooking, worked as a food quality control manager in Italian food companies and travelled extensively.

I may have got the hint from my dadís farm in Oppeano but I have come to realize that cooking is about many things. It is about science, tradition, travelling, decoration, celebration and communicating love or joy. It can be about passion but it can also be about laziness. I have learnt that cooking helps you find your own rhythm and unleash your creative talent.

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