Let's use beans

Please pick a lesson. When I was a little girl my mum was famous in our town Oppeano for a sentence: “This recipes looks amazing. What a shame I haven’t got any peas. Oh well, let’s use beans” Cooking has to be about being creative and experimenting. The rules are just the rules. Never forget that even most famous traditional recipes came from experiments.

I encourage everyone to look beyond just Italian cooking. Look to other countries and customs for inspriration. I love Japanese cooking and have a huge passion for Bento lunch boxes for children. Traditional carbonara is made with ‘Guanciale’ but I sometimes go with Pork belly or bacon. I often make Italian meat balls with Indian spices. I keep trying and I keep learning. So come on – pick up some chopsticks!

Coming soon are my latest non Italian passions that I would also be delighted to teach you.

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