Pizza and focaccia

Since arriving in London I have noticed that people love ordering takeaway pizzas. And I have to admit that your standard deep pan with combinations such as pineapple and pepperoni can be very tasty! But in this lesson I want to teach you how to make some traditional Italian pizzas which are not only healthier but will hopefully give you enough options if you want to hold your own Italian pizza party. In this lesson you will particularly learn the secrets of working the pizza dough and selecting the right ingredients.

The first pizza we will learn to make is not only a great crispy entrée to a pizza party but is also a simple and effective appetizer ahead of any Italian meal. I am talking about freshly baked dough topped with rosemary, onion and extra virgin olive oil. This goes down very well with Italian Prosecco.

We will then go onto learn some classic tomato based pizzas such as Prosciutto ham and mushroom, capricciosa (mozzarella, tomatoes, artichokes, olive, mushroom and ham) and Tuna and Onion. Let’s get our hands messy.

Copyright 2012 Laura Pirani